Group Activities

Leanne Shelly Speech Therapy

Leanne Shelly Speech Therapy also provides certain group activities:

Language Stimulation Groups

These are groups that we provide at various schools for English second language learners. Many children are in an English school, but don’t speak English at home. They therefore sometimes struggle to progress sufficiently at school. These groups are aimed at helping these children to learn English vocabulary and language structures. By helping them with their English language skills, we also help them to be able to learn more efficiently in the classroom.

Chatterbox Holiday Language Stimulation Groups

These are groups that we provide during the school holidays for ALL children. These groups are a fun, educational way for parents to keep their children busy during the school holidays. They are available to children between the ages of 3 and 6 and take place at the two practices.

Let’s Read and Spell Program

This is a 4-week program that has been devised for Grade R and Grade 1 learners to help reinforce, stimulate and improve their auditory perceptual skills. These skills are very important for learning how to read and spell.

  • Welcome to Leanne Shelly Speech Therapy. Based in Tableview and Durbanville, Cape Town. Leanne also sees patients at surrounding schools on a private basis.

  • About Us

    Leanne Shelly's practice is located at the Blaauwberg Therapy Centre. She specialises in evaluating and treating children and adults who have difficulty communicating with others

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